AdviserGo FAQs

What is AdviserGo?

Voyant AdviserGo is a new adviser-driven planning tool that has been created to complement Voyant Adviser, our market-leading financial planning solution.  Designed to work on all modern devices and browsers, AdviserGo is an intuitive and touch-friendly environment that uses many of Voyant Adviser’s market-leading features along with a collection of exciting new interactions. Voyant AdviserGo is quick to learn and easy to use, which means that it is an excellent tool for fact-finding, building lighter financial plans, and client presentations.


What is the cost of Voyant AdviserGo?

It is FREE.  There is no added cost, as long as you have a paid subscription to Voyant Adviser with either an adviser or paraplanner license.
Voyant AdviserGo is integrated with Voyant Adviser. Your Voyant Adviser username and password will get you access.  Plan changes made in one solution will show in the other.  A plan created in Voyant AdviserGo can be edited in Voyant Adviser and vice versa.    All of your existing client plans will be accessible in the new system.  The calculations, tax rules, and business logic are identical. Whilst some more advanced Voyant Adviser features are not available in Voyant AdviserGo, anything modelled in Adviser using those advanced features is not lost in AdviserGo but just hidden. Calculations and simulations will produce identical results in both tools.  Users can move seamlessly between both applications even when working on the same plan.

Details on pricing for Voyant Adviser licenses, which come packaged together with AdviserGo, can be found here, by country.






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Not a subscriber? Register for a free trial of Voyant Adviser and AdviserGo.  Voyant Adviser and AdviserGo are packaged together, so if you register to trial our software you are automatically granted access to both products. If later you decide to subscribe, there is no added cost for either product. We offer a single subscription price for both products. To register for a free, no obligation 30-day trial of our software read more >>


Will AdviserGo work on my iPad?

Absolutely! Voyant AdviserGo was designed for modern devices and browsers. This includes your iPad, Android tablet, and modern browsers such as Chrome and IE 11 and above. The design is responsive, so it will work on many smartphones including the iPhone and Android devices.


I am an experienced Voyant Adviser user; where is feature [name your feature here] in Voyant AdviserGo?

Thank you for being a loyal Voyant Adviser subscriber.  The feature you are looking for might not be available currently in Voyant AdviserGo and may never be.  Voyant AdviserGo is not a replacement for Voyant Adviser, but rather a lighter, more modern take on the same concept.  Many of the features in Voyant Adviser are too complex for the simpler user interactions for which Voyant AdviserGo was designed.  There are more features coming to Voyant AdviserGo, including the ability to compare plans, but we cannot promise that your favorite feature will make the list in the near term or ever.
Voyant AdviserGo has some new features and user interactions that are distinct from Voyant Adviser.  Voyant AdviserGo introduces new interactions around goal based planning and goal priority. The planning concepts are the same in Voyant Adviser and Voyant AdviserGo, but the user interactions and implementations are unique to each. 
Voyant is 100% still committed to Voyant Adviser, and our release of Voyant AdviserGo is an affirmation of that commitment.  Rather than dramatically change Voyant Adviser with a series of new features and user interactions that might be confusing or upsetting to Voyant’s loyal and committed user base, Voyant AdviserGo provides a separate platform for a different style of planning that complements Voyant Adviser.  We will, of course, be seeking your opinions and gathering feedback on the new tool and, based on this, some of Voyant AdviserGo’s user interactions might make their way into Voyant Adviser.  Many Voyant Adviser users might have no reason to use Voyant AdviserGo, while others might spend a majority of their time in Voyant AdviserGo and use Voyant Adviser in a more limited manner.  There is absolutely no right or wrong way to use either solution.  It is because of this complementary nature of the two products, that Voyant offers Voyant AdviserGo free for Voyant Adviser subscribers.


Can I purchase Voyant AdviserGo without a Voyant Adviser license?

Not yet.  Voyant AdviserGo is a complement to Voyant Adviser.  Many of the more detailed, in-depth and important planning elements that are embedded in Voyant Adviser are not currently supported  in Voyant AdviserGo. It is “horses for courses”: Adviser is likely to be the more appropriate tool for all but the most basic scenarios; AdviserGo is likely to work best for simpler, higher level planning scenarios. Voyant AdviserGo might work for 90% of your clients or it might work for only 10% of your clients.