ARCHIVE - Let's See Chart Details - What are "unscheduled" contributions? **AdviserGo, UK and Ireland**

Q - On the chart details panel I see two types of contributions being made to investments and pensions, scheduled and unscheduled. What are unscheduled contributions? 


A - “Unscheduled” is a catch-all term used to distinguish scheduled contributions made to savings, investments and pensions from those that come from other sources. An unscheduled contribution could come from any source other than your client’s income.

Essentially, if you haven’t scheduled the future contribution by entering it in a Contribution field (as shown below) it is considered unscheduled. 


Detailing the sources of unscheduled contributions

Unscheduled contributions might come from a number of different sources:

- For money purchases, an unscheduled contribution could be contributed by an employer or received though tax relief.

- Funds scheduled for transfer between accounts are unscheduled contributions.

- Any surplus income that is deposited automatically into your client’s default cash account (e.g. Susan’s Cash) is also considered an unscheduled contribution. Read more >>


Unscheduled contributions are broken down by source on the Let’s See chart details panel.



You will find expanded details on the Investments and Pensions tabs of the chart details panel, showing the specific sources of unscheduled contributions.

Here are a few common examples of how unscheduled contributions are detailed. 

Unscheduled contributions made to a money purchase by an employer and received though tax relief.


Transfers from a GIA into an an ISA. 


Funds swept from surplus income into the client Julia's default cash account. 


First Published 30 March 2016, Release 4.1.17