How to use Sample Clients

Sample Clients are clients with mock data that are set at the system, entity group, or subscription level that users can make copies of to appear in their own client list. AdviserGo will allow users to create copies of specified Sample Clients, either as they are to use in demonstrations or to explore AdviserGo’s capabilities or as templates to enter real client data and save with new names. These pre-created clients will show in the Sample Client tab on the AdviserGo homepage. 

Please contact Voyant support by emailing if you do not have the Sample Client tab on the homepage of AdviserGo.

The list of Sample Clients which appears in this tab can be managed by Subscription Owners and Subscription Managers or those users who have been given the Subscription Sample Client Creator role. Click here for instructions.

How to add a Sample Client to your client list

1. Click the Sample Clients tab on the AdviserGo homepage.

2. Browse the list of sample clients and click the one you want to add.

3. If a sample client with the same name already exists, you'll be prompted to either Create a New Copy or navigate to the existing client.

4. Either click Save as Sample Client to add the client to your account without changing the name

or input a new first name and last name then click Create New Client to add the client to your account with a new name.

5. The new client record will open and can be edited without affecting the sample client record it was copied from.