ARCHIVE - Missing work - Working in Voyant concurrently with a colleague, missing work, and how to see your colleague's updates **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Q - I changed a number of items within a client's plan. I saved these and the adviser received e-mail notifying him of my changes. I closed Voyant then reopened this afternoon and the changes had not been saved on either the adviser or paraplanner licence. Am I missing a step?

At what point does the Paraplanner / Adviser get to see the updated version of the client case? 


A - Any time colleague makes a change she would need to save them bu clicking the Save button, top-left.

Note: If your colleague is working offline she would need to save the case and then at some point open the software online again (with an internet connection) to allow the software to synchronize her updates with our server. 

To then see her changes you would need to click Open (the double arrow top-left).

It is important to note that when you do so, be sure not save any changes to the case from your own computer. Doing so would save a new version of the plan, in the state that it is currently in on your computer, without her changes. That version would be saved over her version. You would not lose any work if you did this by mistake, but you would not see her changes. Her changes would be saved as a previous version of the software.

Once you are viewing the Open Client Record dialogue, click the Sync button and reopen the case. You should then see her changes.


Finding lost updates

If you did inadvertently save over a colleague's changes the option is still available to revert back to the previous version of the case containing your colleague's edits. 

Open the client case in Voyant Adviser.

Click Manage Plans (the hammer button top-left). The Plan Management dialogue will display. 

Click the View Versions button. 

A fully functional version of the client case is saved every time the Save button, top-left, is clicked. Plan Management will show these versions, the email address of who saved them, and any comments that were added when saving. You can open and view any past version of the case from this dialogue. 

Open the past version that had been overwritten inadvertently and then click the Save button, top-left. 

Doing so will save a copy of that version to the top of the queue, effectively reverting the case back to that version, which will serve as the working version of the case going forward.