ARCHIVE - How to rename or delete a what-if scenario **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Q - Can you delete or rename 'what if' scenarios?

A - Yes, you can do both in Voyant Adviser.

Open the client case and click the hammer icon (Manage Plans) top-right. The Plan Management dialogue will display.


Rename a scenario

To rename the scenario, double-click its name on the Plan Management dialogue.

Note: You may need to try double-clicking a couple of times if you don't click quickly. 

A dialogue will display allowing you to rename the scenario. Enter the new name and click OK.


Delete a scenario

To delete a scenario, click the X (Delete) button to the left of the scenario's name.


Click OK to confirm the deletion. 


Important Note: Never delete the current Base Plan, which will be shown at the top of the list of plans. The software should prevent you from doing so anyway by disabling the X (delete) button, however, it's best not to try. 


It is also generally recommended, but not mandatory, that you leave older base plans in place in order to provide a comparative history of past reviews with your client.

Deleting an older Base Plan will also delete any child scenarios listed beneath it.