ARCHIVE - About the General Overview (Events & Accounts Overview) report **AdviserGo, UK and Ireland**

The General Overview screen offers a complete inventory of all the items in a plan. Items present at the beginning of the plan are listed together with things scheduled for the future. For example, if your client is to receive a state pension benefit sometime in the distant future, it will appear on the General Overview.

The “Plan Overview” report has until now been the closest facsimile of the General Overview screen. However, that report is designed to give a clear view of your client’s current situation. It will only show incomes, assets, expenses and debts that are present at the plan’s start and is intended to be more reflective of the results from fact finding with your client. The “Plan Overview” report also shows some of the background assumptions that are not displayed onscreen in the General Overview, including growth and inflation rates, asset allocations, and planned contributions. For a quick fact check with your client, the “Plan Overview” report offers a good start.

Several subscribers have requested a report that provides the same information presented onscreen in the General Overview – i.e. a more holistic account of all the items in the plan, present and future. The new “Overview - General (Events & Account Overview)” report has been created to output a close facsimile of what is shown on the General Overview screen into a printable report. This new report is available in PDF, Word and Excel formats.

First Published 30 March 2016, Release 4.1.17