Q. Is it possible to show the roll-over of an EIS, or a VCT in Voyant?

A. Yes it is! Here are the instructions on how to show an EIS, or VCT rolling-over:

  1. Enter the existing EIS/VCT via the Investments screen; note that one can set the growth or asset allocation, and fees just as you would any other investment, under Advanced Settings.


2. Ensure that you have an event on the Timeline, in the year you are planning to roll-over; if needed, one can use the “New Event” button, to create an event, rather than having to navigate to the Time screen:

3. Under Advanced Settings, one can use the 'Transfers/Additional Contributions' function to set-up either a 'transfer-in' (to the receiving EIS/VCT), or a 'transfer-out' (from the source account). As illustrated, select the appropriate 'roll-over' event, set the transfer amount for 'All Available', and select the (receiving, or source) account on the other side of the equation, as appropriate.


4. From the Let’s See chart, under Detailed Info > Investments, one can check to see that the transfer has occurred, as intended:



5. Finally, one can verify, within Detailed Info > Taxes, that the appropriate tax relief for the new, roll-over account has been applied:

The 'roll-over' process can be repeated as often as necessary, by following the above steps.


Last updated: April 9th, 2018