Changing the Adviser name on a report cover

Q. I often produce reports from Voyant for clients of other advisers. I have noticed that although these clients are linked to that adviser, it is my name and email address that shows on front page of report. Is there a way to over-ride this? 


A. Yes, if you are using your own paraplanner account you will have an extra field in your user profile called Display Name. You can add an alternative display name to this field to be used instead of your on the cover pages of any reports that you generate.

When you go to make this change, it would probably be best to close Voyant Adviser (the software) first.

Then go to our website,

Sign in using your paraplanner account.

Scroll down and click My Profile or click your name displayed top right. Either link should take you to your account details.

Enter the alternative Display Name.

Click Submit.

Then click Submit a second time to confirm your changes.

Reopen Voyant Adviser to generate your reports using the alternative display name.

Note: Profile details, such as the display name, are cached from from your user profile whenever the Voyant Adviser software is open.

If you ever need to make changes to your profile and have the software open at the time, you would need to close and then reopen Voyant Adviser before your changes can be captured (recached) and displayed in your reports. This is why it may be best to simply close Voyant Adviser first, make your profile changes on our website and having saved them, then reopen Voyant.