ARCHIVE - Problems Generating Reports MAC OSX- Further help.**Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Q. I'm still having trouble printing reports when I'm using my Macbook pro.

I thought  it had solved this by checking the 'do not open with web browser' box in application preferences. However the message I am receiving when I try to generate reports is that Voyant wants to open in web browsers.



If you have ticked 'Don't use web browser to open files' then I am going to suggest something else.

Go to: Preferences > Application Preferences (last option, on LHS) > Reports Base Directory (Browse). The software automatically saves every report that you generate to whatever folder has been specified, there. So, if you don't already have a folder named (something like) 'Voyant Reports', in a suitable location, e.g. on your desktop, I would go ahead and create that folder and, then, via Preferences, ensure that this folder is identified as the appropriate destination.

Having done the above, then try - again - generating a report, in Voyant. This time, however, ensure that you select the 'Open Report Output Folder' and confirm whether the report has, in fact, been saved to the folder. Note that the software will have generated/saved other documentation also, relating to the same client, which is intended to provide you with an audit trail.

Another option, if the above doesn't help/resolve, would be to see whether the issue is specific to a report type, e.g. what happens if you try to generate the report *only* in PDF-format, or Word-format.