ARCHIVE - How do I enter an index-linked Whole of Life policy in Voyant Adviser? **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

The software does not presently have a feature for index linking Whole of Life policies, although it does allow you to index link Term policies.

We recommend modelling the Whole of Life policy on the Term & Endowment screen as a personal term policy (with a Benefit Type of Increasing Lump Sum) with a term that lasts the duration of the plan.

Even with a term of say 100 years, the premiums will end at payout.

If you select the Benefit Type as Increasing Lump Sum, you can go to the Advanced Settings and click on Escalation Details to select the relevant escalation for both the benefit and premium.

If the policy you are entering also has Critical Illness cover, click here for instructions on how to model a policy with both life and critical illness cover.