ARCHIVE - Mac OS X: Desktop shortcut does not appear after installation **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

We have come across a few instances where, for reasons currently unknown, some Mac users have been unable to generate a 'shortcut' to the software, on their desktops - we believe it is probably something relating to the Operating System, but have been unable to identify the specific cause of the issue.

What follows is a 'workaround' option, that will enable you to generate a functional desktop 'shortcut', on the one hand, and thereby avoid the need to go-in via the website, each time, on the other: 

1. Open the software, either from the Voyant UK website, or from the 'Temporary Files' folder, within the Java Control Panel.

2. Once the software has opened, click on the (Voyant or firm-branded) logo, in the top-left corner, which should open a 'dialogue box' showing the software's version number, and also links to 'View Release Notes' and 'View System Info'.

3. Click 'View System Info', then 'Create Launch File'.

This should result in the creation of a 'shortcut' that will be labelled something like 'LaunchVoyant.bat'.

(As an aside: Under 'View System Info', note that there is also an option to 'Create Desktop Shortcut'; we would not expect that option to work, (although you are welcome to try it!), hence the instruction to choose the 'Create Launch File' option).