ARCHIVE - AIM ISAs - How to enter an AIM ISA **Voyant Adviser, UK**

ISAs that invest specifically in AIM-listed companies that qualify for Business Property IHT Relief (BPR) can now be modelled by entering the ISA as one would a standard stocks and shares ISA. 

To enter an AIM ISA:

1. Go to the Investments screen.

2. Select the investment TypeStock Market ISA / Junior ISA”.



3. In the People panel, to the right side of the screen, select the owner of the ISA. An ISA can only have one owner. 


4. In the Contribution field, enter the annual contribution amount, if future contributions are planned. 

5. Set the contribution period in the Time panel to the right side of the screen. Select the panel's Events tab. Selecting a start event (green dot) to indicate when contributions should begin and an end event (red dot) to indicate when they should stop. 


6. To designate holdings within an ISA as AIM-listed company shares, expand Advanced Settings and select Taxation.



7. Tick “Qualifies for IHT Relief” and specify the year qualifying, provided the ISA is one your client has owned from prior to the start of the plan. Enter the percentage of the account currently exempt from inheritance tax.