How to add a child to a plan / Future children in a plan

Q - How may a child (or children) be added to an existing plan during client review. 


A - You would add the child as you would any person post-plan creation, by visiting the People screen, clicking Next and stepping through it's panels, which should bring you to an option to add a child/dependant.

Viewing the client case in Voyant Adviser:

1. Go to the People screen. 

2. Click Continue, bottom right without clicking any of the names in the People box in the top right corner of the screen.

3. The panel "About You" will be shown. Click Continue, bottom right.

4. The panel "About Your Spouse or Partner"will be shown. Click Continue, bottom right.

The panel "Children" will be shown.

5. You will be prompted, "Do you want to add a present or future child to the plan?" Click Yes and then enter the details about the child. Repeat for any other children.


Note: To add a future child simply enter a future birth date. This child's future birth will be marked automatically on the timeline with a birth event (the baby bottle icon).