How to add a child or spouse to a plan

Q - How may a child (or children) or spouse be added to an existing plan during client review. 


A - You would add the child or spouse as you would any person post-plan creation, by visiting the People screen, clicking Next and stepping through it's panels, which should bring you to an option to add a spouse first if there isn't one in the plan or straight to adding a child/dependant if there is a spouse already in the plan.

Viewing the client case in Voyant Adviser:

1. Go to the People screen. 

2. Click Continue, bottom right.

3. The panel "About You" will be shown. Click Continue, bottom right.

If adding spouse:

4. "Do you want to add your partner or spouse to the plan" select the "yes" radial button and complete the details for the spouse

If adding a child/dependant:

4. The panel "About Your Spouse or Partner"will be shown. Click Continue, bottom right.

The panel "Children" will be shown.

5. You will be prompted, "Do you want to add a present or future child to the plan?" Click Yes and then enter the details about each child. 


Note: To add a future child simply enter a future birth date. This child's future birth will be marked automatically on the timeline with a birth event (the baby bottle icon).