ARCHIVE - Software has launched, but isn't visible, on screen (Windows user) **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Q: The software appears to have launched, and I can see a Voyant/Java icon, on my taskbar. The software itself, however, is nowhere in sight - where is it?

A: When a user has been hooked-up to, and using the software via a monitor, the software will remain in that 'position', when it is closed-down, i.e. it is not visible on the user's own desktop. So, when the user subsequently launches the software, but without the monitor, the software 'window' will still be hidden, 'off screen'. It can be brought back, as follows:

1. Hit the 'Task View' button, on the user's task bar,

and select the Voyant window, to make this the 'active' window.

2. Hit Alt+Space, which will open-up a 'System Menu', usually in the top left hand corner of the window.

3. Select 'Move', in the System Menu.

4. Use the left arrow/cursor key, to bring the 'window' back into view.


If this is not successful, select 'Maximise' or 'Restore' in the System Menu which usually restores the Voyant window.