ARCHIVE - Editing a client name **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Q. How do I change a client name in the plan? I have noticed there is a typo in the spelling.


A. Open the client's case in Voyant Adviser. Go to the People screen, (the first option on the left hand navigation). The name(s) of your client(s) will appear in the People panel to the right side of the screen. Select on that panel the name of the person whose details you want to edit. Change the details and click Next to continue with any changes.

Once you've completed your edits save the client case.

You should receive a prompt stating that the name of your client has been changed and asking whether you want to create a new file (client case) under the new name, leaving your original in place.

- You would click Yes usually only if you were using the original case as a template for creating an entirely new client case.


- If you are simply updating your client case click No.

If you select No, you will then receive a prompt asking whether you want to change the name of the client case -- as it will appear listed on the Open Client Record dialogue -- to match that of the newly edited name of your client. In most cases you would probably click Yes, which will update the name of the client file accordingly.