ARCHIVE - Reports not generating- 'Cannot find the path specified' **AdviserGo, UK and Ireland**

Q. I am trying to generate a report but receive the error message 'Error cannot be created.... cannot find the path specified'.


The error whereby the report isn't generating is due to the name of the What If. It is usually down to 'punctuation' being at the end of the Plan name. e.g. Retire early....

The simple fix is to rename the plan.

To rename the plan, start by opening the client in Voyant if you have not already done so.

Next, click the icon of the hammer in the upper left corner. It's immediately to the right of the Save "disk" icon.

This should bring up the "Plan Management" dialog.

Select the row for the plan in question by clicking the name of the plan in the list. The row should highlight (pink).

Click the name of the plan again. This will bring up the "Rename Plan" dialog. Remove the "..." from the end of the plan name and click "Ok".

Clock the "Close" button in the lower right corner to exit the "Plan Management" dialog.

Select the plan from the plan list, and then go attempt to generate your reports again. Your reports should generate fine now for this plan.