In Voyant, you have the choice to use either deterministic growth assumptions, for example 6% per annum before fees, or you can use asset allocation to model growth on Investments, Money Purchase and Drawdown Pensions.

To build a new Asset Allocation (Model Portfolio) follow the instructions below:

1. Go to either the Investment screen or to the Money Purchase or Drawdown Pension screen. There is no need to select an Investment/Pension from the Ledger, but you can if you wish.

2. Expand Advanced Settings > Asset Allocation, this will show the default Asset Allocation as set in the Preferences screen, in Plan Preferences (right). For more information on this click here.


3. Click Edit, and the Edit Asset Allocation & Holdings screen will display.

4. Enter the relevant percentages in each asset class in the boxes on the left hand side of the screen. The Allocation name will disappear once the percentages are changed.

5. Click Save/Create and enter a name for the new model portfolio in the Name box.

6. Click Save, then click OK.

7. Click OK again. 

Notes/further reading:

This saved asset allocation is now available to use by clicking the Load button on the Asset Allocation panel. For step by step instructions, click here.

Asset allocations (model portfolios) are saved locally to your machine. For more information on how to share model portfolios across different computers, click here.

The option is available to build asset allocations from the holdings level, if needed, but this is not required. To find out more click here.

Asset classes and the market assumptions that back them can be easily customised in Voyant, if necessary. As a default we use assumptions and asset classes provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors.