What is the difference between an adviser and a paraplanner licence?

In terms of software functionality, the adviser and paraplanner licences are identical, although if you use a paraplanner license of the software, an additional Display Name field is included in your user profile. You may enter the name of the adviser for whom you are generating the report. The name of the adviser will then appear on the cover page in place of your own name. Persons registered with the FCA as an adviser may not purchase or use a paraplanner licence.

In terms of cost, details on pricing can be found here:


A firm must have at least one adviser licence to be eligible to purchase a paraplanner licence. Only one Voyant paraplanner licence may be purchased per Voyant adviser licence within a subscription. For example, a firm has purchased 2 adviser licences. This firm has the option to purchase 1 or 2 paraplanner licences. The firm may not purchase a 3rd paraplanner licence before purchasing a 3rd adviser licence.

As with an adviser licence, a paraplanner licence allows the licensee to run the software on up to two authorised computers. More information on the authorised computer limit can be found here.

Licences can be configured so that both the adviser and paraplanner have full access to all clients already within the subscription, and new clients going forward, if that is what is required.