How to set up 2-step authentication

To set up 2-step authentication, you will need to first have a authentication code generation app (an authenticator) installed on your smart phone.

Note: Please be sure that the smart phone you are about to activate for purposes of authentication is a phone that you will invariably have available when logging into the software or our website. Otherwise, you will be unable to log in unless working temporarily offline.

Please choose the appropriate app for your brand of smart phone.

Android Google Authenticator
iPhone Google Authenticator
Windows Phone Authenticator
Blackberry Google Authenticator

1. Once you have the authenticator installed on your smart phone, sign into our website, or

2. Click My Profile.

3. Click the link to "2-step Authentication Device" (to the left).

4. Click "Setup 2-Step Authentication".

5. Provided that you already have an authenticator app installed on your smart phone, click Continue.

6. Open the Authenticator app on your device.

7. Scan the QR code shown into your device. If you experience problems scanning the QR code, click Show Key and manually enter the code.

Once scanned, a link will be established between your smart phone and your Voyant account via the authenticator app.

Note: You cannot have multiple devices (smart phones) associated with your Voyant account, so once 2-step authentication is activated, you must have your phone available when logging into Voyant, unless you are working temporarily offline.

8. Code 1: Enter in this field the first code shown by your authenticator app.

9. Allow this code to time out in your authenticator and another to be shown.

10. Code 2: Enter in this field the second the second code shown by your authenticator app.

11. Click Activate Device.

Once your smart phone is activated, you will be asked for an authentication code when logging into Voyant's software or website. In either case, please be sure to tick the "I have a 2-step authentication code" when logging in.

When you go to log in, you will need to have your smart phone handy and the authenticator app open to generate a temporary code to submit with your user name and password.

If you plan to switch smart phones, you may log into Voyant and deactivate your former device and follow the steps above activate the new one.

If you have temporarily misplaced your smart phone, you will need to contact Voyant support to have a temporary access code generated for you.

Note: You may also request to have your device deactivated.  Once deactivated, you may setup 2-step authentication on another device.

If you have lost or damaged your phone or have upgraded to a new device and no longer have access to your original smart phone, please contact Voyant support and ask to have your original smart phone deactivated. You may then activate the new device using the steps above.