How do I gift a property (e.g. to children)?

There is, presently, no way to gift a property without first liquidating it, then gifting the proceeds. Because gifts of property are subject to CGT, in the same way as a sale, it is not inaccurate to model the gifting in this way (unless the property is being gifted into a discretionary trust). The specific steps are as follows:

1. In the Property screen, use the events (as shown in the small Time panel) to schedule the liquidation of the property.

2. Identify (from the Let's See screen > Detailed Info panel) the value of the sale proceeds.

3. In the Expenses > Legacy screen, schedule a one-off gift, for the value of the proceeds (using the same event as used for the sale of the property) - this is the simplest way to input PETs into the software.

Note: For the Legacy expense, under Advanced Settings > Inflation, one will want to select 'Future Value', or set inflation to 0%, to ensure the intended gift amount does not get inflated.