Can Voyant reports be customised?

We do have some latitude to create custom reports for firms that use a rebranded (white labelled) version of Voyant Adviser. Rebranding is an optional service that effectively gives firms their own semi-bespoke version of the software that we maintain on our servers.

Further information on rebranding can be found here -

Details on the cost of rebranding can be found here -

Some customisation of reports can be done as a standard part of rebranding while more extensive customisations could also be done for an additional charge. We charge a standard hourly rate for any customisation work that goes beyond what is normally covered by rebranding.

In order to give you an estimate for customised reports, we would need to see an example of what you are looking for in your reports. If you have a standard report template, please send it to  Or alternatively, take a Voyant generated report and mark it up to show us the changes you want made.