Understanding RMDs in Voyant

RMDs play a vital role in ensuring compliance with IRS regulations, and our software has been designed to seamlessly integrate this mandatory withdrawal process for Qualified accounts.

In our software, RMDs are hard-coded to serve as a fail-safe mechanism that ensures adherence to IRS guidelines. Even if withdrawal limits are set on Qualified accounts, such as scheduled only or do not allow. RMDs will take precedence and be treated as mandatory withdrawals. This feature has been implemented to simplify the complex task of managing distributions while guaranteeing compliance with regulatory requirements.

To locate RMDs in the software, follow these simple steps from your Dashboard.

  1. Select Year View > Retirement
  2. Use the slider bar below the chart to move to the year in question.
  3. Click on the qualified account you would like to check.

Once you have clicked on the name of the account. You will see a section called withdrawals in this drop-down. The line named "required" will be the minimum distribution amount for that year.