FAQ: Setting up Employer and Employee Contributions to Traditional and Roth 401k's

Employee Contributions: 

When setting up employee contributions in a traditional or Roth 401k do the following. 

Select a contribution type: In this example, we will use Percent of income. 

Percentage of Salary: This would be the percentage of their salary that the employee is contributing. e.g. 8%

Roth/Traditional: If 100% of the Employee's contribution is going into their Roth 401k the Roth section should say 100%. If the client was splitting their contributions equally between their traditional and Roth 401k you would enter 50% in each section. 


Employer Contributions: 

In the below example, the employer matches this employee's contribution 100% up to 6% of their income. 

Checking your work:

To check that the correct contributions are being made, you can go to Year View > Retirement. Use the scroll bar below the chart to navigate to the year in question and select the plan you would like to review. 

After selecting the account you would like to review a drop-down will allow you to review the estimated Employee and Employer contributions for that year.