Retirement Spending Insight: FAQ - Aus

FAQ: Why can't I get the Retirement Insight figure to work in my plan?

The Retirement Spending Insight aims to optimize retirement planning by prioritizing essential expenses over non-essential ones. When using the analyzer, it prioritizes fulfilling the spending goal along with mandatory expenses like debt payments and protection policy premiums.

Non-essential expenses such as travel and discretionary purchases are excluded from the simulation in the years following retirement. For instance, if a retirement plan lists expenses for general living, travel, mortgage, and taxes in the first year, totaling $107,554, the analyzer will focus on fulfilling essential expenses while disregarding non-mandatory ones.



If we run the Retirement Insight we are given an annual spending figure of $67,021 excluding taxes. 

Note: this figure is in today's terms. 


Looking at the Year View after this insight is run will give us more information. 

1. The figure has been inflated to $70,674 by Linda's age 65. 

2. The travel goal which is a non-mandatory expense has been dropped from the analyzer so you should assume that the figure of $70,674 should be included in this figure. 

Entering your new Retirement Goal: 

Let's look at how we should enter our new Retirement Expense with this in mind. 

Take the spending analysis expense figure that you see in the Year View of $70,674  and subtract the $6,000 travel goal from this amount. Enter this amount as a future value. 


You will now have two goals that occur during the retirement years. 

You should now have a plan without any shortfall.