Presenting the Let's See Screen: Charts - Global

This article explains some of the charts available in the Let's See screen and what they show. Take some time to explore the other types of charts and views available in this screen.

AdviserGo can be used on touch screens, so can work on an iPad/ other touch screen devices.

Cash flow simple

Given the information input into the plan and the assumptions used, Voyant can produce a simple Cash Flow Chart for the Voyant lifetime of the client as seen here.

Each bar is a year. Blue is good – it means there are sufficient income and assets to meet expenses. Red – projects a shortfall – in other words they run out of available income and assets to meet their needs. See the clients’ ages at the bottom of the chart and click on the markers to show the key events in the timeline.



Cash flow detailed 

The detailed view (using the magnifying glass and by swiping up on a touch screen) shows which income and assets Voyant is assuming are used to meet expenses.



You can also show this Let’s See chart by selecting 'Hide All' to show the total expense profile over the course of the plan and then reveal the details one at a time to paint a picture of what income and assets are used in Voyant to meet their needs.


Build up the chart with individual assets and income in this way.


This plan shows the default order that Voyant uses assets to meet expenses, but the you can also input your own withdrawal strategy into Voyant to visualise what you would recommend. See other guides or ask the support desk for to how to do this.

Detailed Information

A useful place to check your plan is to see the detail behind each year. Select the Year View top right (pointed to below) to see this view. Scroll through the years and the different tabs to see money in and out, end of year balances, assumed growth rates, contributions and withdrawals, cumulative taxes and so on.



Liquid Assets

You can show what underpins this chart in terms of assets and asset accumulation/ decumulation over time. To get to the liquid assets chart click on the right hand arrow, swipe left if using a touch screen or click on 'Cash Flow' to change the chart type.


View the Simple assets chart by taking off the detailed view via the magnifying glass. Here you can deselect Non-liquid to reveal just the liquid assets.


Dual Chart
You can show both the Cash Flow chart and the Assets chart at the same time by clicking on the 'Let's See' and selecting 'Dual'.


Other charts

Other charts available are Expenses, Debts, Net Worth and Taxes. Swipe or click through using the arrows to view.

What if scenarios and Compare plans

 If you have created other scenarios and wish to show the comparison between them. Click on the 'Let's See' and  select 'Compare Plans'.


Click on the chart name to change which What if plan you want to view. Use the swipe or click on the chart type name e.g. cash flow to change the chart type. Use the magnifying glass (Details) to reveal the details.


Prepare in advance which screens you are going to show and discuss and practise navigating between them. 

After this you could run insights on certain scenarios or use the Financial Summary report which has insights with default settings to open up conversations on certain topics.