Having created a plan for your client, the time will come to update the items within it, bringing balances and expenses up to their current values bringing the plan forward into the current calendar year. A change in the planning year is an opportunity to review and update the balances of savings and investments, check outstanding debts, and examine current expenses, all to determine whether the original projections in the plan continue to reflect your client's current position.


Plans can also be updated to make a former scenario, once only under consideration, the client's new actionable base plan once the decision has been made to follow that plan's recommended course of action.
When a plan updated, a new base plan will be created. This new base plan can then be used to compare planned progress to actual progress to date.  Voyant's plan update wizard is here to guide you through the process.

To update a Start date and hence the current asset values in AdviserGo, start by clicking on  the plan name, eg Base plan and then click on Manage plans.

And then select Update and Promote.

This is a two step process.  Step 1 promotes the plan to the current planning year and Step 2 gives you the opportunity to update values.  This is optional as you can update values by going into the Dashboard. 

Click on Next and it will take you through Step 1, which is promoting the plan and setting a new start date, and then you will move to Step 2 where you can up date the asset values.

At the end of Step 1, click on Promote


A message will appear asking you if you are sure you want to promote i.e. create this new updated plan, click Promote again.



You will now see a screen that confirms Step 1 (promote)  has been successful and now you proceed to Step 2, making the updates.  Click on Next.


This will takes you through the various areas where you can make updates e.g. incomes where you have the opportunity to update the figures or delete.  To move through the screens, click on Next.

mceclip0.pngOnce you have worked through the update screens you will get a summary and then click Done. 


Again a message will appear asking you if you are sure you want to update , click Update.