ARCHIVE - Can lost work be retrieved? **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**



Q - I made some changes to a plan recently while in a client meeting but I forgot to save them. Is there any way to retrieve this work from a backup?

A - Good news, you are correct, there is! So long as you are on the same computer, you can open any client record, then navigate to the Preferences screen. Select the last option, he cog button on the left. On the Preferences screen, go to Application Preferences, and at the very bottom you will see a button labelled Open Backup Folder.


You should be able to navigate to the relevant client folder, and identify the most recent date/time-stamped file.


We suggest that you copy that file to your desktop, to make life easy, then 'Import' from there.


Full details are provided in the following article:  Lost work? How to restore lost updates from Voyant's auto-backup