Chart Colours - A new look for the charts in Voyant Adviser


Our UK and Ireland releases of Voyant Adviser are getting a facelift. An update of the software is scheduled for late Thursday evening, 7 June 2018. The biggest change in this release will be an updated colour palette for the charts, giving them a more modern look to match the hues used today in AdviserGo.  Our US and Canadian releases already display our new colour palette. 


Why the Change?

You might be asking why we're making this change now. The answer is consistency: to keep a singular colour palette across our entire product suite. This standardisation will reduce confusion if you use both Adviser and AdviserGo, not to mention if you share access with your clients using VoyantGo.

Our new colour palette is web-friendly, easy on the eyes, works well on tablets and accommodates a broader array of hues essential for detailed charts. Moreover, our future development in the Go product suite will be designed around this palette.

Below is the detailed view of the Cash Flow chart as is it displays today in AdviserGo. 



Below is how the same detailed Cash Flow chart will look in Voyant Adviser once the new colour palette is applied. The new colour palette will give Adviser and AdviserGo a unified, consistent look. 



Must We Change?

Not to worry. If at any point before or after the update your firm wishes to revert Voyant Adviser to the old colour palette, simply contact Voyant Support and we can reconfigure your subscription. Please note that much like branding, colours are set as a style for everyone in your subscription. They are not a preference that can be changed on an individual, per-user basis.


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