ARCHIVE - Notes disappear, or unable to add notes **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

There are a number of issues that you may be experiencing, relating to the entering notes, via the Overview screen, such as:

1. You've already entered notes, but these seem to have disappeared.

2. You're trying to add/edit notes, but the software isn't allowing you to type in the window.

3. You get an 'unexpected error has occurred', when trying to enter notes, or when trying to generate the report named 'Plan Notes'.

All of the above are likely to arise from the same basic issue, as follows:

When adding/editing notes in the Overview screen, we strongly recommend that you don't paste-in text from Microsoft Word. When pasting-in from Word, it is not just text that is being added into Voyant, but also the underlying 'markup' (the associated formatting-related information, etc., that exists within a Word document). Voyant is not Microsoft compatible, and this 'markup' is liable to cause a number of difficulties, including the complete disappearance of the notes you previously entered.

In the event that you wish to import notes/text from Word, we *strongly* recommend that you - first - paste the text into a text editor, such as Notepad (on a Windows machine), *before* pasting into the Notes page, within Voyant, i.e. paste your text into Notepad, then copy-and-paste the text, from Notepad, into Voyant. The reason for this is that Notepad will strip-out the formatting information, which was contained within the Word document, and this is necessary to ensure that the text is in a form that is fully compatible.

Unfortunately, there's no way for us to create a Notes section that is fully compatible with MS Word, so one should either type notes in, directly, or paste them in via Notepad, as outlined.