How to import from Transact into Voyant Adviser - UK

To begin importing client information from Transact into Voyant once the integration has been activated, open Voyant Adviser and sign in. Note that you must be working online for the Transact integration to work as client data is being pulled over from their system into Voyant.

After clicking through the initial screens, the Open Client Record dialogue will display. 
Click Import.

Click the 'download' button to select Transact as the import source.

The first time you connect to Transact via Voyant you will be asked to enter your Transact (not Voyant) user name and password. Once entered, your credentials will be saved. Again, you must be working online (with an internet connection) for Voyant to connect to Transact.

Please note: If you receive an authentication error when attempting to sign in, please contact your Transact account manager to ensure that the service is also set up and active on their end. 

Once you sign into Transact, a search dialogue will display. Enter either the first and/or last name of your client or leave the field blank and click Search to view all of the clients available for import from Transact.

Select the record you want to import and click OK. The client record will appear in Voyant. 

After importing you may receive a message stating that the plan has errors. Don’t be alarmed. This message usually does not indicate a problem with the Transact file. Rather, some of the items imported need additional information in order to be effectively modelled in Voyant.

1. Click OK to close the message and start by addressing any issues flagged in the plan. 

2. Warnings will appear at the bottom of the screen. These are clickable links, which will take you directly to the item in the plan that needs attention. Be sure to read the flagged messages as they usually provide a good description of what needs to be addressed. 

Note: In most cases do not click the X (delete) button to the right of the error message and if you do, be sure to pay close attention to the prompt that follows. Deleting an error message will often also result in the deletion of the imported item that the error relates to. 

3. Edit the item and click Update. The error related to the item will disappear.

4. Click the Save button - disc icon, top left corner to save the client record in Voyant.

You may also find the generic checklist in the link below useful as it highlights areas of the client record to review after importing: Checklist - Things to check after importing