Which reports can be generated in Excel

Not all reports are available in Excel format.

The reports which are available in Excel are:

Assets, Assets Detailed, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Cash Flow Detailed, Debts Detailed, Default Assumptions, Estate Overview, Expenses, General Overview, Income V. Expenditures, Liquid Assets, Net Worth, Non Pension Liquid Assets, Real Money, and Taxes Detailed.

Generally the reason for reports not being available in Excel is because each year would have to be a separate tab (worksheet), which makes for a very large file. If you have a slower computer, you wouldn't even be able to open the spreadsheet as Windows wouldn't have enough memory to do so. 

If you need the data in Excel, it is possible to copy the tables from the Word version of the report into Excel by highlighting them, right-click > copy, then open a new Excel spreadsheet and right-click > Paste. You may need to play around with the formatting in Excel once the data is in there.