About Analytics and Management Information Reporting

There are two separate management information / analytics reports one can view at the user or subscription level depending on your level of permissions. The first focuses on client data, the second on user activity.

To access these reports, sign into our website. Which website you go to depends on which version of Voyant you use.


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  Ireland - www.planwithvoyant.ie


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  United States - www.planwithvoyant.com



Client Analytics Report

The client analytics report provides a demographic breakdown and aggregation of statistics about a set of clients: connected to an adviser or in a subscription. It is a report about client data entered in to plans.



This report is available through a number of different links. The capability to see this link is provided to all advisers, subscription owners and managers.

1) From the main menu, this link will give you the most inclusive report. If you are a subscription manager, this link will generate an analytics report for your entire subscription.

2) From the subscription and user summary screens, one can see the report for the specific subscription or user.

Accessing the analytics report for the subscription. The subscription level report is available to subscription owners and managers.


All users can run analytics on at least their own account, while subscription owners and managers can also run reports on individual users within a subscription.

It normally takes a few minutes to generate this report.

Additionally, there is no way for a subscription manager to easily generate a report for each adviser in the subscription. The manager must view the user summary for each user, and then click the on the View Analytics report to generate one for adviser.

This report is only available on-screen and can't be exported.


User Client Activity Report

This report is designed to provide management information about the activity and use of Voyant (as it relates to client records) within a given subscription.

The report lists for each user, the number clients they are connected to, the number of clients a user has added in the last 30, 90 days, current quarter, previous quarter, and current year. For the same time periods, it lists the number of times the user has saved a client, and the number of times the user has launched Voyant (the launch info, is only accessibly when exporting the report to CSV or EXCEL). Additionally, it lists the total net worth of all connected clients for a user, and the total current value of investments.

Due to the amount of information included, which requires a numerous columns, this report Is not designed to be aesthetically pleasing on screen. Rather it’s meant to be exported to Excel.

Nonetheless, the html report contains links to view the user’s connected clients (click the number of clients link next to a user to see all the clients for the user).


This report is fairly slow to run when run for an entire subscription.

A link to this report is also available on the subscription and user summary screens just below the analytics links.

Running the activity report at the user level (from the user summary screen) will produce a report specific to that user.

Subscription owners and other non-system level administrators must be granted a special role to be allowed to run this report. Please contact Voyant support to request this role if you are currently the manager or owner of your subscription.

If your Voyant user account is not tagged as being the owner or a manger of your subscription and you need access to this report, please have your subscription owner/manager contact Voyant support to request this permission on your behalf.