Promotional and Testimonial Videos



Voyant | When life hands you lemons

Voyant | It's 4% all day long

Voyant | Breathe. Smile. Focus. Rinse. Repeat.

Voyant | Breathe. Smile. (teaser)

Voyant | When life hands you lemons (teaser)


Promotional videos

Two promotional videos are currently available to help demonstrate the value of using Voyant with your clients.

Video 1 

Illustrates the planning needs of a young couple with children as they plan for retirement and other major milestones such as starting a business, their daughter's wedding and her years at university.

Video 2

Shows the changing concerns of this couple as they near retirement.

Both videos are available for promotional purposes and are designed to be used in any market. If you wish to add these videos to your firm's website, the embedding code is available on each video's YouTube page.


Voyant testimonials

Metis Ireland Voyant Testimonial Video 

Why are the team at Metis Ireland so excited about Voyant? Watch to find out.


Voyant Ireland adviser testimonials

Adviser subscribers describe their experience with Voyant and how it has helped enhance the quality of their advice.