Simulations, How-to Videos

Protection, Insurance Need Analysis

Early mortality
6:19 minutes

Learn how to create what-if planning scenarios modelling an earlier than assumed mortality using Voyant's new replacement Mortality events. Using these events, an individual's mortality can be positioned anywhere on the timeline with a simple drag and drop. Convenient for the creation of life insurance need and estate planning scenarios.


Income protection and critical illness coverage need analysis
7:49 minutes

Stephen Browne of Voyant Ireland shows how to use Voyant Adviser to analyse a client's financial plan for the possible need for critical coverage in cases of disability (income protection) and critical illness (CIC).




Major loss, capacity for loss simulations 
4:53 minutes

Voyant's Loss Capacity / Market Crash simulator is a simple to use and very powerful simulation. Advisers enter in a market downturn event similar to recent market events and see the effects visually on a client's portfolio.


Spending capacity - Calculate annual capacity to spend 
6:27 minutes

If your client has no red on their Let’s See chart they are very likely to end up with some liquid assets at the end of their plan. Stephen Browne of Voyant Ireland shows how to calculate how much extra your client could have spent without running out of money at any point. As they say life’s not a rehearsal!