New features in our January 2019 release of AdviserGo

Our January 2019 update of AdviserGo arrives with some major new functionality that makes AdviserGo a truly viable alternative to Voyant Adviser, at least for many client cases.

Here is a before-and-after overview of this new functionality together with a preview of what is expected, so far at least, in our February release.

Go Behind the Scenes - Complete Chart Details Are Now Available in AdviserGo

Before: Many of the annual chart details that we are accustomed to referencing in Voyant Adviser were not available in Adviser Go. For example, you couldn’t see in AdviserGo a list of individual expenses in a given year or check into pension crystallisations, contributions or transfers between accounts. All of these transactions occurred behind the curtain and there was no way to fully research the plan’s results.  

Now: You can double-click or long press any bar of a chart or use the new Chart Details button (top-right) to gain access to all of the annual details. What’s more, this information is sortable, expandable, and should be easier to process visually than in Voyant Adviser.  Read more >>




Toggle Detailed Charts and the Yearly Chart Details On or Off with a Single Click

Before: To access the detailed view of a chart, you had to click the chart name top-right, select the Detailed button, and then close the window. Viewing a detailed chart was much easier in Adviser, in which you simply ticked the Detailed checkbox to toggle the detailed view on or off.

The annual chart details, discussed above, were accessed by double-clicking (or if on a tablet, long pressing) a bar of the chart. These options were not always apparent to new users.



Now: We have given more prominence to the chart name, displaying it to look more like a clickable button.



Two new buttons are available for toggling on and off with a single click the detailed views of the charts as well as the new annual chart details. The former options for accessing the detailed charts and the annual chart details remain available, however.








Editable Plan Preferences (Plan Settings) Now Available in AdviserGo

Before: While a small subset of assumptions were available for viewing in AdviserGo, they could not be edited. The only option for editing assumptions in Go was to do so at the individual item level. Preferences could not be edited at the plan level. Plan preferences could only be managed in Adviser.


Now: A new section called “Plan Settings” has been added to the Dashboard in AdviserGo. Plan Settings are the equivalent of the Plan Preferences in Voyant Adviser.  Read more >>



Most of the preferences that can be set at the plan level in Adviser can now also be managed in AdviserGo. There are a few deliberate omissions, such as Market Assumptions, default Asset Allocation, and the default settings for the Major Market Loss simulation. These will likely be added to AdviserGo sometime in the near future, although perhaps not in the Plan Settings. “Child Owned Accounts Available in Plan Until Age” is also an omitted setting.

System Preferences, on the other hand, cannot currently be managed in AdviserGo but they may be added at some point in the future. System preferences serve as a default template of preferences for future client cases and can be managed today in Voyant Adviser. 

Firms that use our rebranding services to manage their preferences can effectively manage the default Plan Settings in AdviserGo as well. The same System Preferences controlled through their rebrand – those that appear in Voyant Adviser – will show as the initial default Plan Settings in AdviserGo, provided they haven’t been edited at some point by the adviser.

A Preferences option will remain available in the drop-down menu, top-right in AdviserGo. Only now it is reserved for what is the equivalent to the Application Preferences in Voyant Adviser. These settings relate to the configuration of the AdviserGo software. Preferences currently control certain features such as language and contextual clues (help, once populated) that can be shown or hidden in AdviserGo.




Scheduling the Payoff of a Debt and Onetime Overpayments

Before: There was no mechanism in AdviserGo for scheduling the payoff of a debt or onetime overpayments. Unlike in Adviser, we’ve opted not to show a linked debt payment expense under Basic Expenses. While having a payment expense is convenient for those who know where to find linked debt payments, many first time users struggle with this concept in Adviser.

Although it is very easy to schedule debt payoffs in Adviser using a special Advanced Setting, scheduling onetime overpayments can be a bit clunky. To schedule a onetime overpayment, you must have two events on the timeline to schedule a future step up in debt payments and in the year following, a step down to resume regular payments.

Now: Debt payoffs can now be scheduled in AdviserGo. Plus AdviserGo has a unique new option for scheduling one-off overpayments on debts apart from regular debt payments. There is no need to step payments up and then down again to schedule a one-off overpayment on a debt in AdviserGo. The overpayment will then be made in addition to your client's regularly scheduled debt payments. Read more >>

There are no plans, currently, to add this feature to Adviser, which might be an incentive to give AdviserGo a try when modelling overpayments on debts. 





GAD and Minimum Balance Options Added to Withdrawal Limits

Having the option to set a reserved minimum balance on accounts is a longstanding feature request that was added recently to Voyant Adviser.  Read more >>

We have also restored the option to limit withdrawals from drawdown pensions to a percentage of GAD. Both of these options will now also be available in AdviserGo under Withdrawal Limits. Read more >>

Setting a Minimum Balance on an Account



 Limiting Withdrawals from Drawdown Pensions Based on GAD



Coming Soon - New Features Slated for Release in Late February

Here is a preview of features currently being tested that are slated for release in late February.


Property Linked Debts, Expenses, and Income




Money Purchase Crystallisations (UK)




Home Page Tab Showing Recently Accessed Client Cases



Companies, Trusts, and Distributions (Canada)




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