ARCHIVE - Do I need to purchase a Java license? **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

We are aware of Oracle’s new Java Subscriptions and leave it up to our customers and their IT group to decide whether purchasing the commercial Java SE licenses and support is necessary for their Voyant users. Voyant Adviser requires Java 8 for the installation and operation of the software.

That said, if Voyant licensees do not see the need, or want to pay the relatively low fee (24 GBP p/year), for the Java license, they can continue to use Voyant Adviser as is or switch to AdviserGo, our web-based version of Voyant. Voyant has made significant progress matching Voyant Adviser’s functionality in AdviserGo and will continue to actively develop AdviserGo into a complete alternative to Adviser. AdviserGo is already a standard part of our subscription service; there is no additional charge for AdviserGo and it is accessible on our website at any time.

Voyant has no influence over Oracle’s policies regarding Java however having a web-based version of Voyant provides our users the convenience of not having to depend on Java to prepare and present plans using our goal-based, interactive planning tool for their clients.