As a system administrator, using the 'Group' feature gives you the ability to set up users to share a subset of client plans without giving them access to all plans within the firm.

Typically, permissions for users within a subscription limit them to having access to the client plans they create. In some cases, the permissions are set to allow the user all client access within the firm's subscription. Aside from those two options, a user can share a plan with a colleague on a one-off basis by logging into the Voyant website, clicking on the 'Client' tab, searching for the client, and using the 'Add Client Share' feature to share the plan with a colleague. This is fine for the occasional times when a user needs to share a plan with a colleague, but for an adviser and paraplanner, for example, who work together on client plans as a matter of course, this default approach means an additional step. It would be ideal if all new and existing plans created by either individual were automatically shared, and this is what the 'Group' function offers. 

Setting-up and managing groups is an administrative function that is limited to the designated Subscription Owner within the firm. What follows are instructions on how to create a group and assign users within the firm's subscription to the group. Plans created by members of the group are visible to other members in that group who also have the ability to edit the plans. Note: A user can only be assigned to one group.

Creating a Group

To create, view, and manage group(s) within the firm's subscription start by logging into the website and click on 'My Subscription.' In the link rail on the left click on 'View Groups.'  


On the 'View Groups' screen, click on the green button 'Create Group.' In the subsequent window, enter the desired name of the Group. To help manage groups, a naming convention is recommended that indicates group membership. For example, if it is a 2-person group made up of an adviser and a paraplanner, one might use their combined surnames separated by a hyphen as the group name.


Adding Users to the Group

Having clicked the Submit button, you will be taken to the 'Subscription Group Tree' screen where you will see the group listed. Clicking on the group name will now take you to the Group Page where you will see the group's members (currently empty).

To add a member to the group,  click on the 'Users' tab at the top of the page, search for the user and click on the user name.  


This will take you to User Summary page. Click on the 'Move User' link on the link rail, and then the 'Next' button on the subsequent page. 


On the 'Pick Group' page, click the Target Group drop-down and select the relevant group, e.g., 'Group_Demo' in this example. Click the Submit button to add the user to the Group. 


Obviously, this last operation can be repeated, to add further users to the group, as necessary.

User permissions within the Group

Once a group has been created, and one or more users have been added, one will need - as the final step - to edit the user profiles/permissions to give each individual 'Group-wide All Client Access'. Look up the User > Edit Profile, and select the option “Group-wide All Client Access." This is similar to the "All Client Access in Subscription" function, but at the group level. 




Created 14 August 2019, Release 5.0.43