Intelliflo integration: can't import after changing Intelliflo password (old integration)

Issue: Changed Intelliflo password then attempted to import a client into Voyant using AdviserGo. Prompted for username and password which click 'import client' but nothing happens when enter new details.

Solution: Open Voyant Adviser instead of Go. In the 'Open Client Record' screen, click the 'Import' button and select 'Intelligent Office (old)' from the list of import sources. Input your username and new password. The list of clients available in Intelliflo should appear. 

Once you have successfully input your log in details in Adviser, switch back to AdviserGo and you should be able to import from Intelliflo as normal. AdviserGo should now remember the new password so you won't need to go into Adviser next time you need to import from Intelliflo.