How to generate a report - UK

To generate a report in AdviserGo, open the client record, and then click/tap Reports on the menu along the top of the screen.


The following screen will appear (the reports available may vary):


1. Select which plan you wish to generate the report for from the Select a plan dropdown in the Select Reports section. mceclip2.png


2. Click/tap on each report you wish to generate for that plan, then click/tap the Add to Report button. 



3. If you wish to generate the reports for multiple plans in a single report, go back to Step 1, select a different plan from the Select a plan dropdown and then repeat step 2.


By default Detailed Reports display the details fro each year in the plan.  It is possible to Specify the time span for detailed reports. Switch the option on and enter the years in the field  or click on Select Years to choose the set year selections.


4.  Review the list of reports in the Review & Generate section. Note that you can change the order by dragging and dropping the reports and you can delete a report which is not required by selecting it and then clicking/tapping the trash/bin icon.



5. If you have included the Financial Summary report in your list, you can click Customize to select/de-select which Insight results, which Goals and which chart is included. For more information on the Financial Summary report and how to customise it, click here.

6. Once you are happy with the list, click/tap the Generate Report button.



7. The report will generate as a PDF document which can be saved and then printed or attached to an email.

Tip - if you need the document in Word format, you can convert the PDF document into a Word document as explained here.

You can also view recently generated reports by clicking/tapping View recent reports in the top right corner of the Reports screen. The recently generated reports can be downloaded or saved from here.