New animation for loading the Let's See charts

When you first open AdviserGo following the arrival of the refactored charts, you may notice a subtle difference in the way the charts load.

Currently, our charts load using an accordion effect, which stacks in the bars onto chart from left to right. In the refactored charts, the bars will “fill up” the chart from bottom to top as the stages of the timeline stack in below them.


This fill-up effect is a subtle change, which users with very slow internet connections may appreciate. Today’s accordion effect can sometimes make the charts appear frozen if load times are excessively slow due to poor internet connections, whereas the fill-up effect makes it more apparent that the charts are still loading as they build up from bottom to top.

The stages beneath the charts have also been given more padding, maintaining a more consistent look that matches the stages on the Timeline screen. This additional space will also make the stages much easier to click when using the new Time Zoom feature, which we will discuss here.




Watch an Introduction to These New Features


Highlights from the August 2020 Release

Streamlined chart navigation

Improved chart functions

New chart zoom tools - zoom in or out to change scale and focus on selected stages and timespans

An example of the redesigned charts in action


Read the Full August 2020 Release Announcement

View or download a complete guide to these new Let's See chart features in our August 2020 release. 


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