Charts - Plan Worth chart shows all assets, regardless of owner

The Assets and Net Worth charts are intended only to track assets that are owned directly the primary client and the client’s spouse or legal partner. But consider trusts, which can be included in a plan but are administered by a trustee. Trusts are intentionally excluded from the net worth and assets charts since they are not necessarily readily accessible to your client.

Also, in some cases a couple may be unmarried. In such cases the software will show the Net Worth of the plan as being what is owned (in whole, or in part) by the primary client. It excludes assets that are wholly owned by the partner in a non-legally binding relationship. This is an attempt, on our part, to avoid making any unwarranted assumptions about the nature of the clients' relationship.

The new Plan Worth chart fully incorporates all accounts/assets within the plan, regardless of ownership. This includes trusts and corporate assets that are not wholly owned by the client or the client’s spouse or legally recognized partner.

You will find the Plan Worth chart as a new selection in drop down chart selection menu.



Like the Net Worth chart, the Detailed view does not alter the bars of the chart but brings a full list of assets by type into the chart’s mouseover details.