Compare Plans, List View - Show a side-by-side comparison of plan results, including account balances

About the Compare Plans view

Compare Plans is a view in AdviserGo that allows you to show the results of two different plans side by side. This comparative view is available under the Let’s See menu and is displayed conditionally, only if you have more than one plan in your client case. If your client case consists only of Base Plan, then Compare Plans will not be shown as an option until you have another plan (scenario) in the client case to compare against.


The Compare Plans view is used to display the charts from two different plans, as pictured below. The charts shown top and bottom from the two selected plans are synchronised to allow for a trouble-free, like-for-like comparison.  


Click the Year View button (top-right) when comparing two plans and the option is available to toggle between the underlying annual details of the two selected plans.



While switching back and forth between the yearly details of the two plans can certainly be useful when doing thorough research, this option does not make for an easy-to-follow client presentation because the figures are not presented side by side. Until now, no option was available to present a side-by-side comparison of the figures behind the charts.


About the new Compare Plans, List View

Two Compare Plan views are now available in the Let’s See menu.

The original Compare Plans - Chart View displays, as before, a comparison of the charts from two selected plans, as pictured below.



The new Compare Plans - List View option offers a side by side comparative overview of two selected plans, with the option to expand most sections, showing the specific items tallied by category in the overview.




The slider at the top of this view is used to select a specific year in the two plans for review.



At the top of the two overviews are dropdown lists used to select two plans for comparison. 

Note - The comparative Chart View and List View are designed to complement one another. Whichever two plans you have selected for comparison will remain selected as you switch between these two views. Select two plans for comparison in the Chart View and the same two plans will be presented in the List View and vice versa.



Many sections of the List View are expandable, allowing you to compare specific items, such as expenses or the balances of investments, in the two selected plans.


Other items in this comparative overview include the events scheduled to occur in the selected year as well as the goals in each plan and their success percentage - the number of years in which the goal could be afforded represented as a percentage.  




Does the Compare Plans, List View highlight the differences between two plans?

The List View is intended to be a comparative overview. It can be used to see where two plans are alike and to find where the results of two plans start to deviate.

A data comparison feature designed to highlight all the differences between two plans, known as a diff tool, is being developed and will be a separate feature in AdviserGo.