ARCHIVE - How to revert to an earlier version of a client record **Voyant Adviser UK and Ireland**

If you have inadvertently overwritten a client record,  you can revert to an earlier version of the client record you are working on in Voyant Adviser:

1. Open the client case in Voyant Adviser (make sure it is NOT open in AdviserGo).

2. Click Manage Plans (the hammer button top-left). The Plan Management dialogue will display. 

3. Click the Versions button. A 'Number of Previous Versions' box will appear, select a number then click OK.


Plan Management will show the date and time of the past versions, the email address of who saved them, and any comments that were added when saving.  Note that if the version is one created in AdviserGo, the comments state 'Saved in Voyant Blocks'.

You can open and view any past version of the case from this dialogue by clicking on it in the list so that it is highlighted, then clicking the Open button. 


Open the past version that had been overwritten inadvertently and check that it is the version you want to work from, then click the Save button, top-left. 



Doing so will save a copy of that version to the top of the queue, effectively reverting the case back to that version, which will serve as the working version of the case going forward.