Superannuation Pensions - Recontribution Strategy Steps - Australia

This guide is about how to set up a Recontribution Strategy from a Superannuation Retirement Pension into an Accumulation Super and then into another Retirement phase Super.


First: Set up accumulation and retirement phase supers in the normal way, including the transfer from one to another at retirement. E.g. at age 63


  1. EVENT: Create a new event on the timeline for when the recontribution strategy is to occur. E.g at age 64.
  2. SUPER: Create a new retirement phase super #2

  3. PLANNED WITHDRAWAL: Go to the + button in Dashboard - Planned Withdrawals Set up a Planned Withdrawal from the Retirement phase super #1 to take money out. mceclip2.png

    In Timing set this to be the Recontribution event created in point 1 above

  4. TRANSFER: + button bottom right in Dashboard - Transfers

    Create a transfer from All Surplus to the Accumulation Super. Make sure transfer before paying expenses is set to Yes


Timing is the Recontribution event



Click Save + Add Another


  1. TRANSFER: Create a transfer from Accumulation Super into the new retirement phase super #2. Make sure transfer before paying expenses is set to Yes

Timing is the Recontribution event

  1. YEAR VIEW: Go to Year View to check it is set up how you would expect and also to see the difference in values between the Concessional and Non-Concessional buckets.

- The Pensions tab should show money coming out of the Retirement 1 pension and into the Accum pension, then out of the Accum pension and into the Retirement 2 pension, as shown in the screen shot below

- There should be no tax in the Taxes tab because of this withdrawal

- The money will go into the Non-concessional bucket of the Retirement 2 pension. Click on the name of the pension in Year View to see this detail and the different values compared to before the recontribution.

- The transfer amount adds onto the Transfer Balance. Click on the name of the pension in year view to see this detail 

- The system applies the contribution limits and the carry forward rules to Super contributions



Click on the name of the Retirement Super #2 to see more information



Along with the original Accumulation to Retirement pension transfer you will have 3 transfers and 1 planned withdrawal.