Access and Manage Your Account from AdviserGo Using the "Administration" Link

AdviserGo is designed to build and present client cases, run insights, generate reports, or even share plans with your clients. While it offers practically everything one needs in relation to client cases, several account-related functions are performed outside of AdviserGo on the Voyant website, or what is known as the administration console. These functions include editing your user profile (details from which are presented on the cover pages of reports), resetting your password, running analytics on your book of business, or sharing access to client cases with your colleagues.

If you are working in AdviserGo and need to jump over to the website to perform any of these functions, you could open a new tab in your browser, enter the address of the Voyant website (provided you can remember it), and log in to access the admin console. However, a much simpler, more direct route is available if you are already working in AdviserGo.

Open the user menu (the profile icon top-right) and select Administration.




This link will open a new tab in your browser, taking you to the landing page of the admin console on the Voyant website where links will allow you to perform a variety of functions.

Click your name, top-right, to edit your profile or reset your password.




Don’t see this link? While the Administration link is normally an option in our general link, some enterprises do choose not to include the Administration link in their version of the software.