Save + Add Another is a new option designed to streamline the entry of multiple items of the same type. Entering numerous expenses or accounts will be much quicker using this new option. 
Currently, to enter several investments an adviser would: 
1.  Click the Plus button. 
2. Select Savings and Investments. 
3. Select Investments. 
4. Make the required entries. 
5. Click Save. 
6. Repeat these steps to enter the next account – click the plus button, select Savings and Investments, then Investments, etc.
Users will now have the option to add another account of the same type without clicking the Plus button and making the subsequent selections. Clicking the dropdown arrow next to the Done button will reveal the new option to Save + Add Another. Selecting this option will save the current account and clear the fields, allowing another Investment to be entered with the same defaults.
The potential improvement to user productivity is considerable. The feature is available for all items found in the Plus menu, pictured below. Save + Add Another will only be an option when entering new items to a plan. This option will not be shown when editing and saving changes to an existing item.

Added in Release 5.43.0 - 2021-04-05