Transfers: Scheduling one off or ongoing Transfers between Investment accounts - US

The transfers function in the Voyant software is a great way to demonstrate money moving to and from various accounts. In this example I will be demonstrating how to move money from a savings account into a General Investment Account. 

From the dashboard click the + in the bottom right corner of your screen and select the "Transfers" option.



A pop up will open asking you to select which account your are transferring from and to.





Once you have selected the correct account to transfer from and to you will scroll down and enter the details of the transfer. Here we will be scheduling a one time transfer of $10,000. However, if you wish to schedule recurring transfers you would simply select the drop down box labeled recurring and select yes. Here I will be selecting "no" since this is a one time transfer.



From here you will need to select the timing screen.

Double click on the timeline to create an event for this transfer or click on an existing event (e.g. Retirement).

Enter the name of the event and click "Set as Start Event" then click "Done".

Note: If you are setting up recurring transfers you will also be prompted to select an end event. 




Once you have clicked done you will be taken back to dashboard. If you would like to check to make sure that this transfer has been scheduled correctly you can go to the Details > Year View Screen and move the scroll bar over to the year or years the event is scheduled to occur. Go to the investments screen and click "expand all". Here you will be able to see all contributions, withdrawals and transfers scheduled to occur.