What If: Guided plan creation

Planning Scenarios: Create and Compare What-If Plans

Create financial plans that are not only thorough and meaningful but also varied. Explore a range of possibilities with your clients using what-if plans.

What-if plans are scenarios. As you use Voyant’s simulation tools to explore different strategies, options and their implications with your client, new iterations can be saved into the client’s record as individual what-if plans. A client record can contain an unlimited number of what-if plans, each illustrating a unique scenario.

In this article we will show you how to step through a guided plan creation for a what if scenario. We will use the example of the Retire Earlier or Later Guided Plan Creation but the same concept will be true for each guided scenario.

Go to the What If Screen and click on "Retire Earlier or Later" this will allow us to create a what if plan that will show us what it would look like for our client should they move their expected retirement date earlier or later in life.




In this example we are going to click on our client's current retirement age of 65 and drag it to her age 62 to see what it would look like if both clients retired in the same year. 




Once the retirement event icon is dragged to the correct year we will click the right arrow to move to the next screen.



Here we will review that this event change was entered correctly and click the right arrow to create a What If scenario.




By clicking the green "Yes" we will save the What If Plan and compare the What If scenario with the Base Plan. 




To toggle back and forth between your Base Plan and What If scenarios or to manage these plans (i.e. rename, delete, etc) click on the name of your plan in the top right corner of the Dashboard. 




Note: The What If scenario will carry through all of your assumptions and plan settings from the base plan but you can change these in the What If scenario without them affecting the Base Plan.