Toggle the client list on or off - hide or display the client list on the Home screen

Some advisers prefer to hide their client list when first opening the software, usually due to concerns about inadvertently exposing the names of other clients when opening the software to begin a presentation. 
You have the option to configure the software to display your Client List in “Privacy Mode”, which will hide the lists and present only a search form on the landing page in Voyant. 
Below is how the client list normally appears, arranged into two to three tabs, beginning with Recent Clients, provided the user has opened a client case before on a given computer.  
Click the profile icon, top-right, and you will find under Preferences a new option to display the “Client List [in] Privacy Mode”, as pictured below. 
Toggle on this preference and the “Recent Clients”, “My Clients” and “All Clients” tabs will be hidden.
These tabs will be replaced by a blank search form, pictured below. Provided that the adviser enters the client’s full name when searching, no other client names need ever be shown. Advisers will need to have the foresight to switch on this preference before visiting their clients or they could choose to always work in this mode. 
To prevent any confusion, a blue banner will display across the top of the screen to indicate when client list privacy mode is enabled. There is even convenient link in this banner to disable privacy mode, which when clicked toggles off this preference and returns to the normal view of the client list arranged into tabs. Users can also go to Preferences to toggle off this setting. 
Note – Like other preferences in Voyant, such as the option to hide charts on the Dashboard screen, this preference is stored on a per-user account basis and is specific to the computer and browser in which it is set. If the user were to switch computers or browsers, this preference will not follow the user, rather it would need to be set again if desired on the new computer or in the different browser.